From Confined to Co-working Spaces: New Rules and Identities for “Workplaces”

Giada Benincasa


Purpose. This commentary reflects upon polluted or confined spaces as, contrary to common belief, are issues of public concern.
Design/methodology/approach. The “inside/outside the workplace” distinction is called into question in today’s labour market.
Findings. The scope of the rules that safeguard employee health and safety is limited when applied to new forms of employment (e.g. agile working).
Therefore, further provisions might be laid down which supplement existing ones, with this aspect that brings consequences at the time of establishing responsibilities.
Research limitations/implications. One way to prevent the risks associated to new forms of employment affecting one’s identity and relations at work is to rethink the new workplaces.
Originality/value. An innovative approach could be provided by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 laying down a new organisational and management model, which sets forth administrative responsibilities and represents a tool to promote workers’ health and safety and organisational wellbeing.
Paper type. Commentary.