Conciliation and Arbitration: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Bangladesh’s Industry

Sazeeda Johora Thakur


Purpose. This paper examines the different mechanisms used in Bangladesh to solve employment disputes, e.g. conciliation and arbitration, which are devised to maintain peaceful relationships between employer and employee.

Design/methodology/approach. Research draws on legislation – i.e. the 2006, 2013, and 2015 versions of the Bangladesh Labour Act – and other documentation – e.g. conference papers and reports on Bangladesh.

Findings. Overall, the paper points to the successful incorporation of different dispute resolution mechanisms, yet singling out those sectors where the use of conciliation and arbitration should be given careful consideration to prevent possible negative consequences.

Research limitations/implications. The paper looks at the effectiveness of solving labour disputes through alternative settlement procedures prior to the involvement of national employment tribunals.

Originality/value. The originality of the paper lies in its practical approach, as it looks at Bangladesh’s both legislation and reports.

Paper type. Research paper.

Keywords: Industrial dispute, Settlement Mechanisms, Conciliation, Arbitration