Mechanisms implementing Minimum Wage Policies and Compliance with the ILO’s Provisions: The Case of Bangladesh’s Garment Global Supply Chain

Robayet Syed


The main purpose of this paper is to analyze a comparative implementation mechanism between Minimum Wage (MW) policy drafted under chapter XI of the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006, and other countries in the world. Another purpose of this study is to remind the State of its obligations under the ILO as well as regional and international instruments to protect workers’ rights. In response to the research question, this study shows that present MW provisions under chapter XI of the Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006 were not drafted in accordance with the standard of international instruments adopted under the UN. Furthermore, there are inadequate mechanisms when it comes to implementation of MW provisions under the labor legislation in Bangladesh. Therefore, the present MW policy has not been implemented to its fullest, as required to protect workers in Bangladesh. It is maintained that the ILO’s Conventions and Recommendations related to Minimum Wage will be a standard guideline for enacting and implementing MW legislations in Bangladesh.