Health and Work: The Italian Perspective on a Relationship in Need of a Review


In the context of the new great transformation, occupational health and work are increasingly overlapping, among others, because of new workplaces, remote work, and new working arrangements. In this context, labour law research has engaged in the challenging task of reviewing the ever-fluid notion of work organisation, pointing to major differences between labour market insiders and outsiders. This paper focuses on a review of the link between occupational and work, which concerns the relationship between individuals and work. It is important to update the current social security model, especially about concepts such as ‘occupational risk’ or ‘work-related risk’, which should now consider the dynamics of transitional labour markets, which has been aptly referred to as ‘risk society. These new risks and the progress made in medicine poses questions concerning the need for a new social security system that keeps up with post-industrial society.

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