Skills and Professions for a “Just Transition”. Some Reflections for Legal Research



Purpose. The aim of this paper is to bring back to the fore the decisive role of adequate measures for skills identification, development and recognition, in order to create labour market infrastructure capable of integrating sustainable development with decent work principles.

Design/methodology/approach. The analysis is based on a preliminary literature review and on the elaboration of an original, albeit provisional, theoretical framework.

Findings. Research has paid little attention to the legal and institutional arrangements promoting or preventing the formation of skills for a just transition.

Research limitations/implications. The paper presents the partial results of a preliminary study, yet laying the foundations for moving beyond the traditional approach promoted by research on “green jobs” and “green skills”, pointing out those legislative and institutional mechanisms which have been neglected in the literature to date.

Originality/ value. The paper puts forward some proposals for an original theoretical framework based on the integration between Just transition and TLM (transitional labour market) frameworks.

Paper type. Preliminary research paper.

Keywords: Sustainability; Decent work; Skills identification, development, recognition; Professionalization processes; Career transitions; Occupational Health and Safety.

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