Definition of Workers and Application of the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006: An Appraisal



There are approximately 63 million labourers in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh LabourvAct 2006 (“Labour Act” or “Act”) provides the statutory framework ensuring workers rights and responsibilities. Definition and application of the Act is the central issue of its enforcement. Unfortunately, the Act fails to include a large number of workers, including domestic workers; agriculture workers; and staff working at schools. This research reveals that there are numerous ambiguities and complexities in existing labour law, and in this regard there are many gaps in the existing law that require substantial amendment to increase its effectiveness. This paper suggests that the definition of a ‘worker’ for the purposes of the Act creates complexities which needed to be addressed. This paper critically examines the definitions of a worker and the application of the act under the existing Labour Act before drawing a conclusion on how the law ought to be reformed.

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